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2. Nominee Directors

Who is able to act as a nominee director?
What powers does he have based on the legislation?
Can he damage my passions? How can I limit their capabilities?
How can I simply take his powers over?

A Cyprus company might have as much directors it takes. The minimum is one director.There is an response to all of your concerns. Let’s simply take them one by one. Any male or female person of sound head and of age, who has perhaps not declared bankruptcy, is appointed to behave as being a nominee of any company in Cyprus. A company director is the most important person in the company structure, particularly if he's the only manager, i.e. he could be truly the only manager, since lately by having an amendment associated with the legislation a company may have only 1 manager and something shareholder.
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4. Will i would like special permits or licenses for my brand new company in Cyprus?

Depending on the business activity you need to conduct, there are industries that require special licenses or licenses. Our Cypriot lawyers could offer you more information on the matter.

5. What is the procedure of business collection agencies in Cyprus?

Debt collection agencies are often entrusted with performing financial obligation data recovery procedures in Cyprus. There are situations being tried by the Cypriot District Courts.

6. Do a visa is needed by you to enter Cyprus? How do it is obtained by me?

International residents of non-EU nations are required to make application for a Cypriot visa with respect to the reason for their check out. Our law practice can show you through the application form procedure.

7. Exactly what are the actions i have to follow in order to get citizenship in Cyprus?

It is possible to obtain Cypriot citizenship by birth right, by naturalization, by marrying a national or by investment. Citizenship by marriage can be had after three years of marriage, while by naturalization can be acquired after residing 7 years in the nation.

8. Exactly what are the demands regarding work in Cyprus?

Foreign residents of non-EU nations may obtain a employment or residence license after their arrival in Cyprus. They must first register for social safety and seek employment then.

9. any kind of special requirements for marriage and/or breakup in Cyprus?

Wedding registration in Cyprus consists in publishing both a standard and a separate petition by both spouses. A declaration of consent before a Cypriot District Court may be required in certain cases. The wedding will be registered between 15 days and three months following the declarations have been submitted. Divorce cases are tried by Family Courts.