The Right Way To Set Up A Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

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The Right Way To Set Up A Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

The Right Way To Set Up A Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

Appropriate installation of a chimney liner is necessary for releasing all the toxic flue gases releasing outside. A correctly put in stainless metal liner will lead to a greater draft in the chimney thus leading to greater fuel efficiency.

Following are some steps you will need to follow to correctly install you stainless metal liner.

Step 1: Prepare the liner

Lay the stainless steel chimney liner on a flat surface. Now, cos de fum din inox fasten the bottom termination connector. Tighten the hose clamp to the liner. It ought to be secure sufficient to hold the liner together.

Step 2: Trim the liner to fit chimney size

Utilizing a measuring tape, take down the length from the underside termination level to the top of the chimney crown. Use saws or a heavy-duty pair of tin snips to cut the liner. For security purposes, don't go away jagged ends.

Step three: Insulate the liner

You have to insulate the stainless metal liner from top to bottom. Get an insulation wrap and note down the amount of insulation needed to cowl the liner. Hold an extra inch for overlap. When the insulation warp is reduce, lay it on the ground. Preserve the foiled side going through the ground. Place the liner at the centre of the insulation and start wrapping the insulation across the liner. Maintain one inch overlap on the seam and later tighten it using an adhesive tape.

Step four: Defend the insulation layer from damage

The insulation wrap can get damaged through the installation of the chimney liner. To prevent it, encapsulate the total size on the liner with the help of stainless metal mesh. Next, wrap the mess across the stainless steel liner. Hose clamps can be used to secure the stainless steel mess. Be sure that the insulating wrap doesn't get damaged if you end up tightening the hose clamps.

Step 5: Install the chimney liner

An additional pair of arms could be needed to help you with the installation. For installation, tie rope across the liner. Your partner can pull the liner from the highest while you possibly can direct the liner from the bottom of the chimney. Once the chimney liner is correctly placed, put silicon caulk around the crown of the chimney. Now place the highest plate over the liner and press it down hard into the caulk.

The bottom of the liner should be secured and hooked up to the equipment connector.

You've got successfully accomplished the set up of a stainless metal chimney liner.