What Is The Difference Between GPS And Sat Nav?

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What Is The Difference Between GPS And Sat Nav?

What Is The Difference Between GPS And Sat Nav?

Both the words GPS and Sat Nav have gradually crept into everyday use. They're are sometimes used interchangeably. Is there a distinction between them and if so, what's the distinction?

Firstly, yes there is a difference.

GPS is short for Global Positioning System. It is the collective name for a group of satellites which can be in orbit around the Earth. They had been placed there by the US Government decades ago and made publicly available through the administration of President Reagan.

Using a GPS receiver (a small device that can ship and receive signals from any satellite within range) you can get your precise location. This location is provided as a set of co-ordinates.

Utilizing this data and the co-ordinates of your destination, many GPS receivers can 'guide' you to the destination using a compass-like arrow. In principle, when you have the GPS co-ordinates of your private home, BD990 using a GPS receiver you will discover your method house from even the remotest place in the world.

The GPS receiver has develop into a standard merchandise that's fitted to many devices, such as your mobile phone or the safety system in your car. Many smartphones, such as the iPhone, have a GPS constructed-in. If allowed, functions can use this information to direct you to, say, the nearest Italian restaurant. Some digital cameras even have a GPS. They can use it record exactly the place the photograph was taken.

A sat nav (brief for satellite navigation) is really some very special software that uses the GPS signal. It takes the co-ordinates offered by the GPS and combines that with a comprehensive map. Then, given a vacation spot, the sat nav software will calculate a route so that you can your destination. Because the GPS signal is continually updated, the sat nav can give you step-by-step instructions on the place you might be and when you might want to make a turn.